Kelsey and Megan's Thoughts

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Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy- Ally Carter

Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy was a great book. Honestly to my opinion, it kinda rushed the beginning. It was talking about Blackthorne and then Zach. Next thing you know, Zach is in EVERYTHING. I hate to have spoilers, so I won't say anymore. 

4/5 Stars    Kelsey

Titanic Voices From The Disaster- Deborah Hopkinson

This Titanic book is amazing. I understanded a lot of it, it was very entertaining. It talked about what happened on the Titanic, and it made me feel like I was onboard. 

5/5 Stars     Kelsey  

Delirium- Lauren Oliver

Delirium is the best book I've ever read. Amazing. No questions asked. Beautiful in all parts.

100/5 Stars:)     Megan

Finally- Wendy Mass

Finally is a GREAT book. It has a beautiful plot. I have no words to explain the awesomeness!

10/5 Stars:)     Kelsey

Every Soul A Star- Wendy Mass

This. Book. Is. My. Favorite. Book. In. The. History. Of. Books! It is long, awesome, and the best book EVER! Wendy Mass has made a beautiful story that I enjoy A LOT!

20/5 Stars :D      Kelsey