Kelsey and Megan's Thoughts

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Hi I'm Kelsey, I love making websites! Megan and I make websites and we love posting thoughts to help YOU; and your thoughts can help US in the same way. We love posting pictures and videos also; our other website  has videos of the latest hits and funny videos. I am highly experienced with computers and algebra; Megan and I enjoy math and computers! I love crayon art (On the left) and I fell in love with rainbow cake (on the left bottom). Visit both of our websites more often! 




Hey guys! I'm Megan and my absolute favorite thing to do is be creative. i may not always seem like it, but I love to be spontaneous. My friends and I are almost always laughing when we're around each other and I love my three best friend like they're my sisters! I am a TOTAL dog person, even though my favorite animal is wierdly a lion. I also really like anything colorful (ex. rainbow cake and crayon art :P) i can be really crazy and really quiet.

Thanks for visiting our website and come back soon!